Welcome in Citim, an on-line self-training tool for better understanding the work environment. Citim can also be launched fron a CDROM or be installed on your computer. A paper version of the content is available, diffused in 3 booklets (themes, tests and corrections). Consult this page for more information.

Citim is built on a serie of situations of the professional life. Each situation makes it possible to develop a topic (for example the contract of employment) with several levels of difficulty. The progressive comprehension of the contractual environment of work and the acquisition of the specific vocabulary are developed starting from dialogues, completed by practical information.

Citim assists more specifically the people originating from Turkey or North Africa as it proposes to listen sound recordings of each situation in their language.

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Citim a been developed in the frame of the AITO project, cofinanced by the Leonardo da Vinci Education and Culture program from the European Commission.